The Devil’s Valley is a valley that even today
burns, gurgles and puffs

Steam is an intriguing local resource and the geothermal area, with Larderello and its museum, Sasso Pisano and its natural phenomena, fumaroles, lagoni (gurgling mud puddles) and geysers, is a must waiting to be discovered.
We provide guided visits, recommended itineraries, guided excursions in a landscape that will leave you speechless and amazed.
Evidence of geothermic activity dates back to antiquity.
A 3rd century Roman military map the Tabula Itineraria Peutingeriana, identifies to important baths the Aquas Volaternas and the Aque Populanie and between them a circular lake which probably represents an area rich of boron with numerous hot water lakes.
The Aquas Volaternas have been identified as the baths of Bagno a Morba near Larderello which were particularly appreciated during the Middle Ages and Renaissance for the curative properties of the water. All traces of the Aquas Populanie were completely lost until an archaeological dig in the area of Sasso Pisano uncovered Etruscan and Roman baths, named Bagno del Re, which can be easily identified as Aquas Populanie.
Industrial utilization of the hot water springs in Larderello had already begun in the 18th century first producing boric acid, then by utilizing the steam jets for the production of electricity, after the first experiment in 1904.
The Geothermic Museum at Larderello, open all year (except at Christmas, New Year and Easter) with free admission illustrates the varied aspects of geothermic phenomena. The visit to the museum also includes a documentary on the origins of geothermic energy, technical research, drilling and the power stations plus a visit to a “covered lake”, or dome, for the collection of steam and a hot spring. Guided tours of a steam jet and a geothermal power station can be arranged upon request.

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